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SorbayPC Mist

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  • SorbayPC Mist

Sorbay PC Mist

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Quick Overview

SorbayPC Mist is a quick after meals mouth cleanser, mouth and breath freshener, is water-based with a delicate citrus flavor – 1 fl. oz. bottle, 300 metered sprays.

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SorbayPC Mist is an almost tasteless product which removes residual food flavors and food residues from the mouth. It provides a true clean-up, not a minty cover-up, leaves the mouth tasting and feeling clean.


  • *Removes residual food flavors and food residues from the mouth.
  • *A great alternative for the SorbayPC Lozenge when under time and place constraints.
  • *Quickly returns the mouth to a clean tasting and clean feeling condition.
  • *The mist bottle is convenient to carry and use anywhere.
  • *All mist ingredients have FDA approved uses in food.

When the time and place do not allow for leisurely deep cleaning with a SorbayPC Lozenge, SorbayPC Mist is a great "once over lightly" alternative. The SorbayPC Mist bottle is easy to carry and use anywhere. When used first thing in the morning, SorbayPC Mist quickly eliminates "yuck mouth". Its use during the day will return the mouth to a clean feeling and tasting condition.

SorbayPC Mist is a water based formulation composed of the same ingredients as those found in the SorbayPC Lozenge. The active ingredients are all found in nature. It is likely that most people have consumed them in the past, but never when combined in the patented Sorbay Composition. All of the mist ingredients have Food & Drug Administration approved uses in food. The Sorbay Technology is particularly adept at removing the oily flavorings which tend to linger in the mouth after food and drink are gone. If any of these oils were on one's hands one would want to rush off to the nearest sink to wash them away. It makes sense to do the same with oils coating the mouth, especially for oils that are transformed over time into unpleasant aftertastes.

Mint flavored confections are also touted to be palate cleansers, but they are not. The idea that mint flavor is equivalent to "clean" is a marketing creation. Mint fails to meet the test as being a cleanser on two counts. First, mint is an oil. Therefore a lingering mint flavor is indicative of a mouth coated with oil. Second, mint only makes unwanted tastes and odors seem to disappear by hiding them under a stronger mint taste and aroma. Sadly minty cover-ups tend to quickly fade, allowing those unwanted tastes and aromas to reappear. By contrast, a Sorbay cleansed mouth is clean and free of the risk of unwanted tastes and aromas reappearing.

The shelf life of the unopened package is 18 months. Weight of one bagged bottle – 2.0 oz.. Net bottle content – 1.0 fl. oz.

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