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Sorbay MTC Lozenge

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  • Sorbay MTC Lozenge

Sorbay MTC Lozenges

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Quick Overview

Sorbay Mouth & Throat Care Lozenge: sugar-free, tartar removal & prevention, mouth cleanser, breath freshener, whitener, delicate citrus flavor - 5.1 oz. bag , 32 lozenges.

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  • *One lozenge a day eliminates tartar as a serious oral problem.
  • *Cleans the mouth and whitens teeth by cleaning, not bleaching.
  • *Leaves the mouth tasting and feeling clean.
  • *All ingredients have FDA approved uses in foods.
  • *Individually wrapped lozenges are convenient to carry and use anywhere.

Safety Information:
Use no more than four lozenges a day.

Ingredients: Isomalt, citric acid, tannic acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, and acesulfame-K.

to remove tartar and clean the mouth, the lozenge ingredients should reach every part of the mouth and remain there as long as possible (12 minutes). The best way to use a SorbayMTC Lozenge is to:

  • *hold the lozenge in front of or just behind the lower front teeth,
  • *slowly swish saliva back and forth across those teeth,
  • *occasionally switch to swishing lozenge laden saliva from side to side toward the back of the mouth, and
  • *swallow only when saliva buildup requires it.

    Throughout the process it is important to pay attention to where in the mouth the lozenge is located. If the lozenge finds its way into an inappropriate between-the-cheek and gum location it should be relocated back to the front of the mouth. When the correct lozenge use strategy is followed it will result in the mouth tasting and feeling clean and a visible loss of tartar.

    Tartar buildup can be self-monitored using an inexpensive dental mirror (available at a drug store), a flash light and a wall mounted mirror. Standing in front of the wall mirror, position the dental mirror behind the lower front teeth. Shine the flash light on the dental mirror and manipulate both so the backs of the teeth are visible in the wall mirror. When present, tartar tends to build toward the bottoms and along the sides of the teeth. It is easily identifiable as discoloration.

    The SorbayMTC Lozenge is a pleasant tasting sugar-free hard candy which removes tartar from the teeth and prevents it from reforming, cleans the mouth, whitens teeth by cleaning (not bleaching), and enhances salivary antibacterial activities.

    The lozenge's active ingredients are all found in nature. It is likely that most people have consumed them in the past, but never when wedded together in the patented Sorbay Composition. All of the SorbayMTC Lozenge ingredients have Food & Drug Administration approved uses in food.

    SorbayMTC Lozenges are a solution for a very serious problem. Virtually all patients who show up in the dentist's office have at least a bit of gingivitis (inflamed and bleeding gums). Most patients, over fifty percent, have a serious gingivitis problem and tartar buildup on their teeth as well. These problems arise despite brushing, and maybe flossing and rinsing. This means the personal oral care products and practices currently in use are not working well enough. The underlying cause is failure to keep oral bacterial populations under control. Mother Nature has endowed us with a great oral health maintenance agent, saliva, but its bacteria killing enzyme, lysozyme, isn't quite up to the task. That is where the Sorbay Technology can be very helpful. It can tip the balance in favor of good oral health by enhancing lysozyme's antibacterial activity. After use of a single lozenge an oral bacterial population can be reduced tens of thousands of times better than with a typical oral rinse. The SorbayMTC Lozenge ingredients also undermine the structure of tartar so it becomes soft enough to be abraded by flossing and brushing. Before the advent of the Sorbay Technology, the only way for tartar to be removed from teeth has been scaling by a dentist or dental hygienist.

    Starting with a tartar-free mouth, one lozenge a day is typically sufficient to maintain a tartar-free condition. A bag of 32 SorbayMTC Lozenges is designed to be a one month maintenance supply, with an extra lozenge or two for touch up purposes. The same size bag of lozenges can be used for an eight day long "four-lozenge-a-day" tartar removal regimen. A particularly attractive aspect of the Sorbay Technology is the fact that its benefits need not be taken on faith.

    The shelf life of the wrapped lozenge is 18 months. Weight of bag of lozenges – 5.5 oz. Net weight of lozenges – 5.1 oz.

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