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Monjay Sprinkle

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  • Monjay Sprinkle

Monjay Sprinkle

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Quick Overview

Monjay prevents bad breath, such as onion and garlic breath, body odor, and eliminates flatulence and digestive gas. It's a tasteless powder in an easy to dispense bottle – 0.6 oz., 38 servings.

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  • Allows enjoyment of garlic, onions, beans, cabbage, and other vegetables without fear of a yucky tasting mouth, or of offending clients, friends, and family with offensive breath, body odor, and flatulence.
  • *Monjay bottle is convenient to carry and use anywhere.
  • *Single all natural ingredient

Monjay is the brand name for a patented yeast-derived food product which prevents the formation of socially embarrassing and/or personally discomforting substances. Monjay insures that the titillating aromas and tastes associated with foods containing garlic and onions will not undermine the dining experience by threatening to come back in the form of offensive breath and body odor. Monjay also causes the breakdown of the complex sugars found in many vegetables, before they can be converted to the gases which cause digestive discomfort.

Offensive breath can come from two sources. Monjay prevents the development of malodors which originate in the digestive tract, odors that appear as offensive breath, aftertaste, and body odor three to four hours after a meal, odors that can last for many hours, sometimes days.

Aromas originating in the mouth are not affected by Monjay. They are however quickly cleansed away with Bon Mangé's SorbayPC Lozenges or Mist. Breath mints are not a solution for offensive odors from either source. Mints just mask a problem odor with a stronger more acceptable mint aroma. Despite the instant gratification and the taste and tingle that accompany breath mints, users can never be completely at ease because they know the minty cover-up is short lived.

In order to be effective in the prevention of odors and digestive gas, Monjay must travel through the digestive system along with a potentially offensive food. There is no residual effect from one meal to the next. Since Monjay is a preventative rather than a cure or cover-up it will have little or no effect on an existing situation.

Monjay will not alter the taste of food on which it is sprinkled.

Persons allergic to yeast should consult a physician before using Monjay.

The sole ingredient in Monjay is a specially processed select strain of yeast. Monjay contains no additives; it is all natural.

Shelf life of the product in an unopened package is at least two years.
Weight of bottle packaged in a foil bag – 1.4 oz.
Net weight of bottle contents – 0.6 oz.

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